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If you’re looking for additional space for a new bedroom, living room, office or even a garage or storage area then it might be a good idea to look down and not up or out. The ground beneath the property could well be suitable for digging out and converting to a basement room. If you have an existing cellar that isn’t being used effectively then this is often the easiest and cheapest option as much of the work will already have been done for you.

Popular in the UK for many years, you only have to look around to see the places where basements have been used effectively. Examples include places such as Bath, Coventry and London and indeed many other places where the price of land has led people to look for alternative and sometimes cheaper options. The end useage of the conversion is important. In many cases, this space is closer to reception rooms, kitchens and living rooms than bedrooms so may be used for a games room or play area rather than a bedroom.

Contact Basement Conversion Specialists in the Coventry area

We can help. Please get in touch and one of our basement conversion specialists will come over to discuss your needs and work with you to find a suitable solution. If the property isn’t suitable for conversion then we will tell you but first we’ll explore all the available options to see what can be done. In most cases, there is an answer but we’ll never know unless we come and visit in person.

We’ll provide you with a fully costed quote along with an agreed timescale for your project. We have converted many basements and understand the opportunities as well as the potential pitfalls to avoid.

Is my Property suitable for a Basement Conversion?

The short answer to this question is that it depends. There are a multitude of factors to consider when thinking about a basement conversion, some of which are discussed here.

Structural suitability is probably the number one consideration. Contact us for an informal site visit where we can advise you regarding the suitability of your property for conversion from a structural point of view. The last thing that anyone needs is to create long term physical damage to a property through disturbing or altering essential structures such as foundations and the structure of the main property itself.

Water levels (Ground water) and Basement Tanking

The water level or ground water level is a subject that is often misunderstood, particularly when discussing basement conversions. Structures below the base slab level in a building will be prone to water ingress and that can spell potential disaster for the whole building and not just the basement.

Basement Tanking

Tanking refers to the process of waterproofing a basement using a cementitious (cement based) product or products and has been used for decades. The main reason why people “tank” a basement is to hold back and stop hydrostatic pressure from the earth around the building forcing water into a basement, cellar or other underground area.

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